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Hiring a photographer is perfect for solotraveller

It’s been said that solo adventures are some of the best you can experience.

With no one else to sync up your schedule with, you are truly free to explore anywhere and whenever you’d like! Some may think a downfall to solo travel is that there is no one around to share memories and capture photos with– but that doesn’t have to be the case!

I will share tips & tricks for the best memory making! I may even have recommendations for local tour guides, pub crawls, etc.

I am aware of your personal space, and I´m keen on respect your ideas as this will be your photo shoot, I can only recommend if you agree – you won’t even have to worry about striking a pose. Just have fun and enjoy your me-time.

It´s all good, but might be thinking:

* I have no “posing” experience ..

* It´s my first photo shoot ..

* I always look bad on photographs ..

95% of the photoshoots I conduct are with photoshoot-newbies. While scrolling through the photo gallery, you can see that we’ve got nothing to worry about. I love to work with REAL people and give them back stunning photos. Top comments after seeing pictures are:

is the real me?

I didn’t know I could look so good on photos! :)

That organic moment of beauty and simplicity, where you’ve let your guard down enough to finally enjoy the present moment, just in time for someone to snap a picture.

Besides, I can make even the most un-photogenic people look like models!

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